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Property Issues in the Episcopal Church

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

Click here for the Washington Post story about six Episcopal parishes voting to break their union with the U.S. church because of their opposition to the confirmation of an practicing homosexual Bishop and the blessing of same sex unions. What might be the most tragic and sad part of the story is what is expected to happen next. A long and lengthly legal battle for the ownership of the properties associated with these parishes is expected to begin soon. Like the United Methodist Church, all local church property falls under the ownership of the larger governing body, the Annual Conference in the case of United Methodism, and the Diocese in the case of the Episcopal church. In a letter from the Bishop of the Virginia Diocese, all churches were warned (you might say threatened) that if they were to vote for separation, the churches ran the risk of losing their properties…

So now, these two entities will fight it out in the courts in a battle that will have wide repercussions for other denominations facing similar debates. I hope and pray that our church is able to avoid this fate. At this moment, I can think of nothing else that would grieve God more than seeing us in court fighting over the money and institutional power of the church.

To help us understand the issue: Estimated property value of Falls & Truro church = 25 million dollars.

Below are some links to two of the larger churches who have voted to separate. The Falls Church site has some additional press releases including the letter from their Bishop.

Falls Church

Truro Church

Commissioning Pics

Friday, July 7th, 2006

I’ve been meaning to post these… They are from last month when I was commissioned.





Picture Key: 1. My lovely wife 2. Alan, who was ordained that same night 3. Mary Gean, mentor 4. My pops 5. Steve 6. Don, mentor 7. George, former boss and mentor 8. Jason 9. Sharon, Executive Pastor @ our church 10. Mike, my Senior Pastor

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The Annual Conference experience…

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

I like to commend to any readers I may have any other bloggers who I find enjoyable. A recent addition to my blog reading is Jay Vorhees, a UMC Pastor in Tennessee. I enjoyed his post about the blessing and curse of Annual conference because what he shared reflected much of the underlying tension that I think we are currently experiencing in our Annual conference as well. He also mentioned a buzz word that I heard several times at our Annual conference gathering and might be a key word for the leaders of the church to grasp over the next 10 – 15 years. The word is transparency…

Here’s the post.

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