Testing out Mars Edit

I’ve been using Ecto for all my blogging for quite some time, but Mars Edit just came out with an upgraded version. So, I’m giving it a test run.

The interface is a lot cleaner, and although I haven’t set it up, you can design your own preview template to match your blog in order to properly preview posts. If I can get that to function properly, I’ll probably make the switch.

Update: Got the preview element working appropriately, and it’s pretty cool. Haven’t figured out how to preview with blockquotes and image settings, but so far, I think I like it.

2 Responses to “Testing out Mars Edit”

  1. johnnybrower says:

    I gave Mars Edit a try. I still haven’t given up on it yet, but I ended up back at Ecto. Let me know if you officially make the switch, then try to convince me.

  2. David – I recently started using MarsEdit and I love it! It has transformed the way that I blog. I tried ecto several months ago, but was not able to quite get things set up right on it. In any case, I would recommend Mars Edit.

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